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Kira partners with leading organizations in enabling world’s firms and organizations to truly know what’s in their documents.

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Our partner network allows us to deliver technology that can transform how teams work with their contracts and documents. Easily integrate Kira into any existing architecture and leverage our partner network to empower your teams.

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Intralinks provides solutions for secure document sharing and collaboration. Kira users can securely export and synchronize content from Intralinks.

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Ansarada is a global provider of VDRs and material information platforms. Automate processes by pushing your documents from your Ansarada Data Room or Pathway to Kira.


Bryter helps customers to automate expert knowledge using its no-code platform. Kira and Bryter together allows users to seamlessly identify and report on key provisions in due diligence use cases.

Cognia Law

Cognia Law is a legal service provider leveraging technology to empower clients to do higher value work and build price competitive offerings.

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Cognizant provides IT services which includes technology, consulting and systems integations to add value to the Kira solutions offerings.


Conga helps enterprises transform their contract review process and gain unparalleled visibility into their contracts with Intelligent Discovery, powered by Kira.


Document Crunch is an AI platform powered by Kira technology to provide industry specific acclerators for the construction and insurance industry

Factor Law

Factor is a consulting and services firm providing Kira contract analysis solution to aid in legal transformation and disruption with a focus on banking and life sciences.


HighQ provides secure project and client collaboration to firms and professional services. Export documents from HighQ quickly and securely.

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Intelscout helps clients innovate and implement turnkey solutions to access critical data and insights within unstructured legal contracts for strategic advantage.


Mainspring provides implementation services to digitially transform key information in contracts.

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Neota Logic

Neota Logic is a no-code platform for intelligent automation. Extract your material lease clauses in Kira then use Neota Logic to create rule-based decisions on the data from your leases.


Manage your matters across a variety of different legal software solutions. Prosperoware helps legal teams optimize productivity and ensure compliance.


SeeUnity users can securely connect NetDocuments to Kira for deeper content understanding using machine learning insights.

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