Adaptive Workflows

Simplify your 
review process

Take an agile approach towards managing your contract review. Use Kira’s management features within your existing workflows to efficiently organize, track, and export results.

See Kira in Action

Make collaboration easy

Manage your reviews efficiently within an online centralized platform that facilitates collaborative communication and transparency across your teams, both large and small. Kira’s intuitive interface allows teams to assign tasks accordingly, easily track progress, and view work that remains to be completed.

Quickly upload documents by dragging and dropping folders directly into Kira, or from a data room. Kira gives users a bird’s-eye view of different document types imported so teams can distribute tasks to relevant experts.

Organizations doing better and smarter work with Kira

Customers have found that by using Kira’s workflow features, they can complete review projects in up to 30% less time than with manual review.

It has simplified the administrative aspects of my job significantly so I can focus on providing legal expertise. The ability of Kira to compare a PDF to a Word document is critically important to track changes made to a document, and especially when those changes were not agreed upon or tracked in previous versions.

Jeff Gerstl
General Counsel, Intelex

The review of the first 4,000 contracts took less than three months. We were able to categorise and prioritise the unorganised dataset very quickly, allocate contracts to reviewers and run real-time analytics to provide the client with a clear picture of its exposure.


Kira allows for good organization and good tracking of resources. I’m able to see who's on what task and where we’re at. It helps us focus on what additional stuff we need to do.

Michael Bluestein
Founding Partner, Corporate Counsel (CCPC)

Efficiently review contracts & documents within a centralized platform.