Kira's Built-In Intelligence

Instantly start projects with Kira’s out-of-the-box smart fields

Streamline your contract review process with our Built-In Intelligence to quickly identify over 1,000 common clauses provisions & data points and get answers to your most pressing questions, instantly.

What are smart fields?

Kira’s smart fields are machine learning models that efficiently and accurately extract common clauses, provisions, and data points while providing actionable insights into your data.

Powered by machine learning technology

Powered by machine learning technology

Kira’s smart fields are built with our powerful patented supervised machine learning technology, aimed to deliver results with the highest accuracy standards not previously possible with traditional rules-based systems.

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Built by experts

Built by experts

Use Kira’s smart fields with confidence. To maintain a high-level of accuracy, our smart fields are trained by our team of experienced lawyers, accountants, and subject matter experts who have worked at prominent firms and organizations such as Torys, Allen and Overy, Goodmans, KPMG, PayPal, and Bank of Montreal.

Intelligence that answers your questions

Intelligence that answers your questions

Beyond just identifying and extracting provisions, clauses, and data points from your contracts and documents, Kira’s smart fields can contextualize this data and provide you with the answers to your most pressing questions, instantly.

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Built-In Smart Fields Groups

Kira’s smart fields span a variety of domain concepts. The following are a snapshot of commonly used categories available in Kira and their respective smart fields to help you instantly start your projects:

M&A Due Diligence

Includes provisions such as change of control, assignment, exclusivity, license grants and indemnity to help you get through contract review faster and accurately.

General Commercial

Manage contractual obligations and identify most favored nation, liquidated damages, termination, automatic renewal, export control, and anti-money laundering compliance.

Data Protection

Definition of “data”, notification upon breach, assistance with data subject requests, technical and organizational measures, proof of compliance, and transfer of data.

Real Estate

Commercial lease provisions such as rent, notice, sublet conditions, description of premises, common area maintenance, parking, and utilities to help you with lease abstraction or due diligence projects.

M&A Deal Points (Private Target)

Includes provisions from share purchase agreements, asset purchase agreements and merger agreements, to help you build clause banks or deal points studies, or maintain a database with details about the deals you’ve worked on.

Credit/Facility Agreements

Provisions such as interest rate, borrowing base, covenants, assignment, voting, tax, and default to help track market trends and complete more efficient due diligence on finance transactions.

Non-Disclosure Agreements

Definition of “Confidential Information” and exceptions, injunctive relief and standard of care to help you determine confidentiality rights and obligations in the context of due diligence or any departures from your organization’s accepted and standard NDA terms.

Corporate Organization

From your shareholders’ agreements, identify board/manager selection, veto/approval rights, rights of first offer/refusal, drag-along rights and tag-along rights to help you find precedent language, conduct due diligence or obtain market intelligence information.

Brexit and IBOR

Provisions including “European Union” definition, “LIBOR” definition, change in law, term and renewal, transfer of data, “currency” definition, interest rate amendment, and more to help manage and update upcoming regulatory changes.

Customize smart fields

Looking for provisions, clauses, and data points unique to your organization or in a different language? Create your own smart fields using Kira’s Quick Study tool to extract for your specific needs.